The Gymba was created to keep you active.

Are you sitting through the work day?

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Do you feel tired all the time? Do you have chronic neck and back pain in your neck and back?

These days, most of us have to sit throughout our work-days. The bad news is that sitting is killing us. Research has shown that tells us that excessive sitting at work and during our free time is actually more dangerous than smoking. And the worst part is, even regular exercise can’t reverse the negative effects of sitting.

Sitting Down

  • Slows the body’s metabolism
  • Increases fatigue and chronic neck and back pain
  • Hinders productivity and mood
  • Can shorten lifespan

Standing While Working

As the dangers of sitting down have been acknowledged, standing desks have become increasingly common in the workplace. Standing up while working has some scientifically proven benefits.

Standing Up

  • Increases metabolism
  • Enhances mood and energy
  • Reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease

Standing Up is Not the Ultimate Solution

Even though standing up while working can be great for making work-days a bit healthier, prolonged standing can also be bad for you. Not only is it tiring, but most people stand the wrong way, alternating their weight between the left and right side of their bodies, which ultimately results in awkward postures and incorrect spine and ankle positions.

Inactivity While Standing
The biggest problem with working while standing is that your muscles stay inactive. Humans were created to move, rather than stay still for long periods of time. Inactive standing keeps metabolism down and creates back and joint problems. Every static hour at work deteriorates your health.

Stay Active While Standing!

The Gymba activation board keeps you active while you’re standing up!
Just stand on top of it and let its patented walking feature help you stay active.

The Gymba activation board

    • Supports overall health and fitness
    • Is easy to use
    • Boosts productivity
    • Reduces back and joint pain
    • Enhances posture while standing
    • Boosts blood circulation
    • Burns more calories
    • Reduces sick-leaves
    • Lowers the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases

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Take a stand!